We offer Premium Class wood pellets for heating, that are made of 100% pine tree. Country of origin is Russia. We organise delivery from the manufacturer and customs clearance, these services are already included in the price.


At the moment it is one of the widely used types of fuel for heating rooms in stoves (specially designed for heating by wood pellets). Pellets are an ecological raw material, because they do not pollute and do not have an odor. Moreover, they are easily transported and they are cheaper than other materials.


Wood pellets are available in 15kg bags (transparent packaging) or in BB (1000kg). By the request of the client, it is possible to make labels on 15kg bags (color and any format), but the minimum number of bags in this case will be 10 000 bags.


Results of pellet testing:


6 mm


4-37 mm


7,85 %


0,53 %

Heat of combustion:

>20 MJ/kg

Sulfur content:

<0.012 %

Amount of chlorine:

<0.02 %

Stain density:

>590 kg/m3